Who Deserves The Bob Cousy Award

Who Deserves The Bob Cousy Award

Bob Cousy is a legend. His times on the court in the 1950s and early 1960s broke his heart and made him happy at the same time. He was a point of attraction in his last days in the NBA arenas. Cousy retired in 1963 and became Boston College’s coach for six years, 1963 to 1969. This legend wanted to leave a legacy and award the best point guards. The Bob Cousy Award was started in 2004 and has been diligently awarding the best college players.

Previous Winners

Here are the proud winners of Bob Cousy Award since 2004. Kentucky’s Tryler Ulis in 2016, Utah’s Delon Wright in 2015, Connecticut’s Shabazz Napier in 2014 and Michigan’s Trey Burke in 2013. Also, North Carolina’s Kendall Marshall 2012, Connecticut’s Kemba Walker in 2011, Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez in 2010, North Carolina’s Ty Lawson in 2009, Texas’s DJ Augustin in 2008, Texas A&M’s Acid Law in 2007, Illinois’s Dee Brown in 2006, North Carolina’s Raymond Felt on in 2005 and St. Joseph’s Jameer Nelson in 2004.

The Bob Cousy Award 2017 courtesy of Holy Cross College is just around the corner and players are warming up for it. It is by now very clear of who is in and who is out. There were 20 names of players who were hopeful of the award then the number reduced to 10 then to 5. The names of the five finalists will be forwarded to Hall of Fame selection committee and Cousy.

Below are the five lucky 2017 candidates.

Frank Mason

Frank is close to clinching the award. He has an exemplary performance track record for the time that he has been playing. The Bob Cousy Award is for point guards, and Frank is an excellent senior guard. He is an average of 20.3 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 4.9 assists, this are his records at Kansas, a team that is ranked the top in the nation. Frank Mason is shooting 50.0 behind 3-point mark.

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo is a successful player; he is currently at the top of the list of players with the highest number of assists per game. He a freshman point guard and is averaging 14.8 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 7.6 assists (this is the highest). Lonzo is shooting 41.4 percent behind the 3- point line. He is a potential winner and has all that it takes to receive the award. Lonzo Ball currently plays for the UCLA.

Nigel Williams-Goss

Nigel is a talented player one who is relied upon by Gonzaga. He is a point guard and shooting 50.9 percent and 90.9 behind the throw line. Nigel has 16.3 points on average and 5.6 rebounds. He is among the best players in Zags.

Nigel Williams, Lonzo Ball, and Frank Mason are players that have been nominated for other awards like the NCAA basketball player of the year award. Winning the Bob Cousy award will be of a significant advantage to whoever among the three becomes lucky.

The other two players with the equally good record are Joel Berry II who plays for North Carolina, and Jalen Brunson who plays for Villanova.

Left out

The top five players were among the 20 who were in the first list. They were selected on merit and court performance. Here are among the players who were optimistic but did get to the finalist’s list. Monte Morris, Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith among others.

The Bob Cousy Award has been awarding the best point guards for the last 12 years and is expected to be even bigger this year. The names of 2017 finalists were announced on 6th of March and now wait to be considered by Cousy and the committee. One of the following nominees will be the lucky one Frank Mason, Lonzo Ball, Jalen Brunson, Joel Berry II, and Nigel Williams.

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